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Love Among Strangers by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Love Among Strangers by Courtney Milnestein

Jude Calohan has been keeping his head down for years. In the quiet town of Bower Bliss, Texas, he has tried to be a good man, a good father, tried not to think too much about his relationship with his own father … and yet despite this, in the gentle autumn of an uneventful year, Jude Calohan soon finds his relationship with both his eldest child and his own identity as a father called into question.

Amidst the sleepy apple groves of small town America, will Jude Calohan be able to keep his family together while his eldest child Charlie discovers the confidence to make one of the biggest choices of their young life?


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The Girl in the Slayer Jacket by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! The Girl in the Slayer Jacket by Courtney Milnestein

Christmas and New Year in North London. Disgruntled coffee shop worker Madeline Calohan is between relationships, dealing with the fallout of the end of one romance whilst pining for a girl she professes to not even like. Agatha wears a Slayer jacket; colours her hair in wild, bright colours; and is very tall, for a girl.

Madeline is uncertain about what the year beyond might hold and uncomfortable about the prospect of being alone. Can she put her past behind and let the girl in the Slayer jacket know how she feels?


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