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Colliding Stars by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Colliding Stars by Claire Rosalind

Sequel to Shooting Stars

Jasper Reid has everything. Fame beyond what he’d ever imagined. The man he never knew he needed. And a career full of fun with his best friend and band mates. For once in his life, he’s actually fine.

Ryan Kurtis has everything. A promising career on Broadway. The love of his life by his side. The dreams he never thought would come true are all within reach. For once in his life, he’s not worried about the future.

But maintaining the perfect life becomes impossible when the famous couple are faced with shattering devastation. When The Obsolete falls apart, Jasper breaks piece by delicately held-together piece, leaving Ryan desperately trying to catch Jasper on the star’s self-destructive fall from fame.

After losing everything and finally facing the parts of himself he’s been afraid to confront, Jasper must find a way to overcome his worst self, accept a heartbreaking loss, let love back in, and reclaim the life he’s worked so hard for.

Can Jasper and Ryan make it through their battles to their happily ever after? Or will this be the end of the RySper ship?

NOTE: This book references trauma, death, grief, alcohol and drug abuse/dependence, panic attacks, and off-page sexual coercion.


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Shooting Stars by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Shooting Stars by Claire Rosalind

Sequel to Rising Stars

The Obsolete returns to the music scene as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with as they shoot to the top of the charts. New music, old music, the same chaos fans of the band have come to love, and drama the band have come to despise. With Ryan back, Jasper’s determined to cement their status as a power couple in the entertainment industry, among their friends, and against anyone who can’t seem to just stay in the past.

But things have changed. Ryan’s career is at a crossroads. Caught between a dream that separates him from Jasper and the band he feels he owes everything to, until one invasive media debacle sends him reeling and sends the band into a fight for their personal privacy once more.

Jasper puts on the performance of a lifetime to convince everyone he’s fine after his parents try to break him, but a petty podcast, a world tour, and a flirty PA prove to be the perfect distractions from the future Jasper’s starting to question.

When Ryan takes the stage with the bravest solo of his life, will it be enough to reassure Jasper he can really have it all?


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Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Secrets, Lies, and Double Lives by Claire Rosalind

There’s a serial killer on the loose, or so Elijah and Zeke have been told. Zeke has spent his life working as part of a secret organization tracking and trying to put an end to the sporadic murders of the man who ruined his life. When he rescues Elijah from a murder scene, he takes it upon himself to be his protector. But Elijah doesn’t need his protection. In fact, he’s not at all what Zeke expected.

As they are forced to put their trust in one another and find comfort in their growing companionship, Zeke struggles to suppress his feelings. After an attack on their safe house causes them to retreat to Zeke’s agency, all the lies they have been living start to unravel.

Will they learn the truth before it’s too late? Or will they trust the wrong people and lose the chance to remember what happened last time they tried to escape and who really brought them together and destroyed both their lives?

NOTE: This book includes suicidal references and actions, self-harm, and depictions of disordered eating.


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Rising Stars by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Rising Stars by Claire Rosalind

Sequel to Do You Ship Us?

Jasper Reid is out, and the world knows he and Ryan are together. Surely the rumors will end, and everyone can mind their own business so the couple can have a normal relationship now, right?

Apparently not.

In the fallout of The Obsolete’s biggest performance yet, the band scrambles with their newfound freedom and control to redefine themselves both personally and musically under a new and promising manager. But with their rising fame comes frustrating and tiring challenges.

When Jasper invites Ryan to live with him, he expects their relationship will have the space and privacy it needs to grow. But with media leaks hell-bent on misrepresenting every situation, and the struggle to keep their private lives private, along with the interference of Jasper’s family and Ryan’s ex-boyfriend, it seems they are never going to get a minute of peace.

After a career opportunity takes the group by surprise and tears the newly-public couple apart, Jasper and Ryan must learn to trust one another and work through their own pasts, fears, and doubts.

Can the relationship survive the endless drama surrounding them and reach the happy ending they deserve? Or will the problems they are both learning to leave behind ruin everything they are working towards?


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Do You Ship Us? by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Do You Ship Us? by Claire Rosalind

Jasper Reid is everything his fans of The Obsolete want him to be. Whether it’s for the dance-y pop songs he writes, his flirty and mischievous onstage persona, or the masterful way he plays along with the fans’ ships, he’s the perfect performer. On the verge of turning twenty-one, in what’s expected to be the next boyband phenomenon, his life could not get any better.

Until he meets Ryan, an irresistibly attractive dancer, who is added out of the blue to their vocal band. Jasper is quick to call bullshit on the manager’s reason for this addition, but even quicker to accidentally flirt with their new member.

This close to the band’s success, Jasper’s pissed to be the one vocally training this dancing liability. Between Jasper’s outspoken nature and Ryan’s anxiety, tensions rise. When a plan to improve Ryan’s confidence backfires, putting the spotlight on something Jasper’s been ignoring all his life, truths come to light.

Can Jasper let himself get swept up in his own real-life, convoluted, fanfic love story while protecting Ryan from the negatives of fame, uncovering the real reason their manager added him, and saving the band? Or will a photo scandal throw everything out in favor of some satisfyingly petty revenge?


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