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Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! Stormy Weather by Chrissy Munder

“Weather Guy” Grant Singer is determined to be in a committed relationship by year’s end. Tired of guys who only go out with him in order to get close to his more famous coworker, he signs up with an online dating service. No one ever claimed meteorology was sexy, but surely Grant can find someone to share his life with the help of technology. Too bad he’s more attracted to the waiter who serves them lunch than any of his matches.

Waiter Craig Brower is focused on finishing his degree in mathematics. He doesn’t have time for dating and couldn’t care less when a local television celebrity shows up in his section.

But Grant is a nice guy and soon Craig is all too invested in making sure he ends up with the right man by his side no matter how stormy the weather.


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3rd Time’s the Charm by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! 3rd Time’s the Charm by Chrissy Munder

Tired of relationships gone bad, Doctor Nick Davros has sworn off dating. Between his student loans and his erratic work schedule, he doesn’t have the time or the energy to spare.

Of course, that’s when Construction Supervisor John Turner walks into his clinic. Not just once, but twice. Despite his attraction, Nick is determined to not give in. He couldn’t bear it if John became the one sitting across the table giving him the break-up speech.

John Turner is tired of being alone and wants a family again. He gave up a scholarship in favor of construction work in order to raise his brother and sister. Now, just like his college boyfriend, they are embarrassed by his blue-collar life. He’s attracted to the delectable Dr. Davros, but when he makes his move Nick turns him down.

When tragedy strikes, it’s up to Nick to make a house call they’ll never forget. Will their 3rd meeting be the charm to bring their opposite worlds together?


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