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Everything I Need by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! Everything I Need by Chrissy Munder

Frosting and fertility are Fiorillo family traditions. Joshua and Michael are trying to uphold at least one of the two.

When EMT Joshua Lawton left both his family and church behind, he never thought he’d live with anyone, much less get married. But here he is, facing carb-deprivation (because wedding photos are forever) and a cake tasting, all in the same month. He worries about his lack of family and relationship skills because family means everything to his fiancé. If Joshua can’t do better with Michael’s traditions than he did with his own, will Michael come to his senses and call off the wedding?

Michael Fiorillo is the both the youngest and the only male out of ten siblings. He’s juggling all the expectations involved in a traditional Fiorillo family wedding and a fiancé who’d be just as happy if they ran off to Vegas.

When plans for their wedding cake are derailed by an unexpected religious objection, will the resulting fallout drive them apart or bring them even closer together?


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A Holiday Tradition by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! A Holiday Tradition by Chrissy Munder

What are the things in life you’re going to regret?

Paul Carpenter is trying to atone for his youthful mistakes. That’s why he’s working on a finance degree to make his father happy, rather than pursuing his passion for art. He didn’t expect to spend winter in the balmy sunshine of a Florida RV park with the maternal grandfather he barely remembers, but with his leg in a cast and a paper to write, it’s the perfect way to avoid the distractions of his favorite holiday.

Then he meets sexy, hardworking Kevin Lombardo, the owner of the RV park. For Paul, Kevin’s a distraction he can’t — or doesn’t want to — avoid. When Grandpa Louie, a self-confessed geriatric Casanova, infects Paul’s laptop with ransomware, he finds himself working closely with Kevin on the borrowed office computer. He’s also drawn into park life, seeing firsthand the passion Kevin brings to his work, and how genuine job satisfaction can create a family for all.

As for Kevin himself, he wants Paul to celebrate the joy of the holidays, despite the lack of snow and cold, and he doesn’t want him to settle for a life he doesn’t desire. With the help of Grandpa Louie and a handful of interfering park residents, can Kevin help Paul create a new holiday tradition they both can share?


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The Last Gift by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! The Last Gift by Chrissy Munder

What do you do when the right man walks into your life at the wrong time?

College student Nathan Reed is so close to graduation he can taste it. So can his parents who have two more kids in the academic pipeline. Nathan looks forward to leaving his night shift at the convenience store for a job he can be proud of and a relationship with someone other than his two guinea pigs.

But Nathan’s careful five-year plan didn’t include lawyer and hunk in need, Adrian Hampton, who walks into his life at 5:25 each weekday morning. Adrian’s plea for help with an office gift leads to a friendship built on shared humor, a charity fun run, and Adrian’s ongoing battle with his PA. It’s the best part of Nathan’s day, until he realizes he wants more.

Does Adrian feel the same? Time is running out and Nathan is about to change to another shift. What will happen if he takes a leap of faith and adjusts his plans to include Adrian?


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The One that Counts by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! The One that Counts by Chrissy Munder

Sometimes you have to look to the past to find your future.

Rob Gentner thought he’d moved on from his family’s lack of acceptance after they discover he’s gay. But when he and his partner return to his hometown for his father’s funeral, he realizes some hurts you never outgrow. His first summer home from college and accidental outing is a story he’s never shared with David. Until now.

Caring for Rob is David Morris’ great, if not always easy, passion in life. He knows Rob never made peace with his father but doesn’t know why. Can he find a way to help Rob get the closure he needs to focus on their future?

Together, the two men revisit Rob’s past and discover that while first times will always be remembered, the last time is the one that truly counts.


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The Scenic Route by Chrissy Munder

OUT NOW! The Scenic Route by Chrissy Munder

Ed Baldwin left his home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula right after graduation and vowed never to return. He’s patched things up enough that he’s bringing long-time boyfriend Joe Sutton home to meet the family. Ed knows no family dynamic is ever perfect, but with the differences between their upbringings, he worries this will be the deal-breaker in their relationship.

Nervous and on-edge, Ed picks a fight with Joe the entire trip. When Joe has enough and stops at a run-down motel to take a break, their relationship is tested in a way Ed never imagined. There’s not a lot of rest to be had at the Easy Rest Motel and Ed must learn to trust both himself and Joe before they become permanent guests. But that’s not the end of their adventure and Ed knows one thing — this is the last time he lets Joe take the scenic route.


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