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The Haunted Diamond by Becky Black

OUT NOW! The Haunted Diamond by Becky Black

Flapper Bobbie Morgan is always a welcome house guest at weekend parties. But the young woman her hosts think is only a jolly fun girl with nothing but dancing and fashion on her mind, is actually a jewel thief and her latest job is to steal a South American diamond with a long and bloody history, for a buyer waiting in New York. While Bobbie is crossing the Atlantic with the stolen diamond, Iandara, a ghost bound to the cursed stone, manifests, with one mission — free herself forever by destroying the diamond.

As if the temporarily-corporeal, thousand-year-old ghost of a trainee witch isn’t enough trouble, Bobbie’s ex-partner and now rival thief, Frances Stryker, is aboard and also determined to steal the diamond from her. Bobbie and Iandara team up to thwart Frances, and in the ensuing shenanigans become much more to each other than simply temporary allies.

But there is no way for both of them to complete their missions. How can they find a way to free Iandara and also allow Bobbie to complete a job whose stakes are higher than Iandara knows?


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The Way Back by Becky Black

OUT NOW! The Way Back by Becky Black

Before Razz Jensen can do anything drastic to rescue Javi from prison on his home planet, General Queza arrives with a proposal from Arien — to take all the Ixellan exiles home. As the ship full of refugees leaves, Javi and Razz are reunited, until Queza offers training to the refugees to become a defence force for their community and Javi joins up. He regrets that when Razz becomes an instructor and tells Javi they need to cool it during the training.

Meanwhile, Arien is continuing to cultivate allies, and juggle suitors. A powerful house proposes the solution to the problem of Arien not being able to produce and heir, Arien fears their fate is sealed and this is the end of any chance they can ever marry Tapuh and be happy.

Razz is happy to heat things up again when Javi finishes his basic training. Queza makes the recruits the New Legion of Ixellan and wants them to fight for Arien, to regain the throne, leaving Javi feeling he and his people are being used by Arien. But Arien is shocked by the New Legion and disappointed to learn Javi has become part of Queza’s staff, fearing they’ve lost his friendship. That he’s fallen for Queza’s romantic ideas of glory.

Only after Arien and Javi reunite do they understand that they are caught up in other people’s ambitions. Now they must take back control of their destinies and try to make a future where they can be with the people they love.


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Exiles by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Exiles by Becky Black

Javi Barasa, descendant of refugees, accidentally kills a soldier sent to liquidate the shanty town that’s been his home all his life. Meanwhile Arien Lakhami, the agender youngest child of the king of the home planet of Javi’s ancestors, barely escapes an assassination attempt and now, like Javi, they are looking for a way off the planet. Both take entry level jobs on a freighter where Javi meets First Mate Razz Jensen, and hopes for more than friendship. But Razz has a policy about dating crew. Meanwhile Arien arranges to meet their bodyguard — and fiancé — Tapuh, at the freighter’s next stop.

Despite Razz’s policy, he and Javi spend the night together at the space station stopover. Arien finds Tapuh waiting there and learns the royal family has been murdered in a coup. Arien is now the strangest claimant to the throne, and since they’ll have to make a political marriage, Tapuh says their engagement is off. Rescued from another murder attempt against Arien, the damaged freighter is taken by the loyalist General Queza to the base where Arien’s allies are gathering for a counter coup. Javi and Razz have time to relax and build their relationship, but Arien has to juggle suitors for their hand in marriage. A marriage that can never result in an heir.


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Woke Up Hungry by Becky Black

OUT NOW! Woke Up Hungry by Becky Black

Margot McCallan expected to sleep peacefully through the months’ long journey to a new life on a distant colony planet. But she’s rudely awakened and rescued from a hypersleep chamber full of fellow colonists who have turned into ghouls with an insane hunger for flesh.

Chief of Operations Izzy Ramirez expected the usual uneventful trip ferrying sleeping colonists and their supplies. But when a saboteur repeatedly triggers a virus that cripples the ship’s computer and wakes colonists randomly, she has to lead the rescue parties to save those lucky few who don’t wake up hungry.

Margot and Izzy should never have met, despite sharing that journey. But now they’re a team, working to end the nightmare and save the lives of thousands of people. As their feelings for each other grow stronger, they try to wait, to put romance on hold until they are no longer facing danger together. But it’s hard not to reach out for hope in the midst of horror.


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Into the Sunrise by Becky Black

<i>Into the Sunrise</i> by Becky BlackInto the Sunrise by Becky Black is now available!


On the day her son leaves home, Lorna Friern makes a long-planned escape from her loveless marriage. With one suitcase, her laptop, and a box full of books, she leaves L.A. to drive to a new life in a house she’s inherited in Long Island. On the same day, after Northern Californian wildfires burn down the motel where she lives and the bar where she works, Zoe Bradshaw decides to move on again. Her destination, Las Vegas. Maybe. Or home to her family. Maybe.

The two women meet on the road, and when Zoe’s old junker of a car finally gives up the ghost, she accepts the offer to travel with Lorna for a while. perhaps all the way to New York. Lorna wasn’t looking for romance so soon after leaving her marriage, but chance put Zoe in her way and Lorna doesn’t want to leave her behind. Sharing a car and motel room beds, the two women learn each other’s histories and secrets. Only at the end of the journey will they know if they’ve escaped the past to ride off together into the sunrise.


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