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Capturing a Deputy’s Heart by Adrian Crawford

OUT NOW! Capturing a Deputy’s Heart by Adrian Crawford

One evening Deputy Rob Davenport pulls over a car for speeding. While his patience is tested by a condescending driver, his heart is captured by the passenger in the car, Max Winters. They’re mutually attracted to one another but fail to connect due to the driver being arrested for a warrant. The next day, a chance encounter at their favorite restaurant gives Max and Rob a chance to shoot their shot and leads to Rob asking Max on a date. Weeks of dating blossom into a loving relationship.

But two people are unhappy with this coupledom, including Randall Wilson, the car’s driver who has crushed on Max since their freshman year of college, and Bryce Turner, who’s been in love with Rob since middle school. Both men join forces to see if they can end Max and Rob’s relationship by any means necessary. Will they accomplish their goal of getting the man they love? Or are Max and Rob simply meant to be?


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