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Refill by A.V.

OUT NOW! Refill by A.V.

Anthony Crawford is an unemployed menace to society who spends his time cooped up in shady apartments drinking alcohol and mixing it with whatever drug is available. Gabriel Werner is a stand-up citizen who’s made a living saving lives as a paramedic. They could not be farther apart.

However, when Anthony becomes the victim of a horrendous car crash, Gabriel is the one who saves his life. The accident is covered in an air of mystery which can’t help but point to the idea that something wanted them to meet.

They attempt a slow ease into their fresh relationship. At first, they’re unlikely friends. Then, they’re even unlikelier partners.

It soon becomes clear that Anthony has more intention of dating his addictions than he ever had in dating Gabriel, which leaves the relationship strained. The more violent Anthony becomes, the more Gabriel wonders if he can even handle this. It only leaves Anthony with one question: does he truly have a problem? If he does, to what lengths is he willing to go to fix it?


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