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Sleeping on a Bench by A.N. Ellard

OUT NOW! Sleeping on a Bench by A.N. Ellard

River’s husband is in a coma, and River is putting on a tiring act of pretending to care. When he meets the charming and quirky Luke by chance in the hospital garden, he receives a pick-me-up like no other.

Luke is a traveler who never stays in a town more than two months. He’s searching for something to dedicate his heart to again after leaving behind his prior life. He and River hit it off well and start an intimate relationship while Luke is in town.

It doesn’t take long for Luke to see how unhappy River is in his current life, but can he convince River to leave town with him? River struggles to admit the truth to himself and Luke has his own dreams for a life without regrets.

Their relationship is shaken further with an unexpected turn of events regarding River’s husband, but will this help solidify River’s choice? How long is Luke willing to wait for him?


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