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The Poet and Her Muse by A.J. Morrow

OUT NOW! The Poet and Her Muse by A.J. Morrow

In the middle of the city is a second hand bookstore run by Jess, an overworked poet with a saviour complex. She has been working at the store ever since her uncle retired and had to drop out to run the family business, but as bills mount and wages drop, she’s beginning to lose the passion she once had for poetry. Until, that is, she comes across a mysterious drawing in one of the books, one that inspires her to write again.

Meanwhile, her best friend Natalie struggles to help Jess fight through the stress of keeping her family afloat. They are two opposites, with different classes, families, and interests, but are brought together by their love for each other, even though neither will admit it.

More and more drawings appear, intriguing Jess and giving her the drive to change her life for the better. Little does she know, the illustrator is closer to home than they first seem …

Will Jess be able to find the illustrator and get her life back on track? Or will she lose everything, including Natalie?


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The Truth of Sweet Things by A.J. Morrow

OUT NOW! The Truth of Sweet Things by A.J. Morrow

Becca — a Halloween-hating, awkward twenty-four-year-old — is once again dreading the approach of fall when she’s told that her best friend’s sister, Amy, is back in town. Amy is charismatic, smart, and successful, and Becca has been nursing feelings for her since high school, when they were on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Now that Amy’s come out as a lesbian, though, she’s theoretically within shot — if only Becca can muster up the courage.

Unbeknownst to Becca, her best friend has already let Amy know she’s single. When Amy texts her, hoping to reconnect, Becca jumps at the chance to go to the local cafe with her. It’s not a date, she tells herself, but part of her suspects it is.

What follows is hours of reminiscing as they each bring up things the other has forgotten, or never knew in the first place. Will Becca be able to overcome her insecurity and follow up on her suspicions? Or will she let the opportunity slip through her fingers again?


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The Christmas Arrangement by A.J. Morrow

OUT NOW! The Christmas Arrangement by A.J. Morrow

As the holidays approach, Tessa — a warm, ugly-sweater loving personal assistant — finds herself spending yet another holiday away from her family. Unable to fly home, she must find something else to do with her time. Little does she know, she’s in for the holiday of a lifetime when she gets called into her boss’s office three days before Christmas.

Colette Sylvestre is not someone you could call warm — collected, intelligent, charismatic, maybe, but not warm. She is, however, in the running to take over her family business, a prestigious publishing house; all she has to do is convince her grandfather she has settled down enough. Her cousin Bernard, however, is determined to undermine her and take the position for himself. To convince her grandfather, Colette must bring a date back home to celebrate Christmas with her family. The only catch? Colette is currently single.

n a spur of the moment decision, she asks her personal assistant Tess to be her date for the holidays. What follows is a series of holiday related hijinks, from a fancy gala ball to awkward conversations with Colette’s family as Tess tries to convince them she really is Colette’s girlfriend. When Tess realizes her little crush on Colette might not be so little, things are complicated even more and she has to decide whether or not to tell Colette.

Will Colette return her feelings? Will they be able to convince her family their relationship is real? And, most importantly, will Colette ever forgive Tess for her frankly awful sweater choice?


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