Sweeter Than Honey by Jessica Payseur

Sweeter Than Honey by Jessica Payseur is now available!


Bradley Kim is just trying to make the time without his boyfriend Lance go by faster when he takes on an additional article for his small town newspaper. But the moment he meets Shay Wilton, amateur beekeeper, it’s definitely not the honey that catches his eye.

Bradley is lonely, and Shay is everything Lance is not — passionate, fun, and kind — and soon Bradley’s interview becomes something more intimate as Shay gives him a hands-on experience with the honey extraction.

Turning down Shay’s advances shouldn’t be so difficult, but Bradley won’t let temptation lead him to cheating. Too bad Lance doesn’t have similar scruples, and after a fiery revelation, Bradley finds himself suddenly single, with nothing standing between him and a certain beekeeper who might just be sweeter than honey.


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