<i>Sweet as Candy</i> by Mags Hayward

Sweet as Candy by Mags Hayward

<i>Sweet as Candy</i> by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Sweet as Candy by Mags Hayward

The first Jubilee Park Pride is in full swing and Kate’s soaking up the carnival atmosphere and energy of the flamboyant crowd. Although she’s there to support the event organizer, her best friend Danny, Pride has a special place in her heart.

She loves being a part of it, but doesn’t expect to find love. Never having had a girlfriend, Kate lacks confidence and can’t imagine meeting a girl and falling in love on the same day. That happens to other people. Certainly not to her.

But Candy’s different: beautiful, confident, yet down to earth and easy to talk to. Kate’s never met anyone like her. Has Fate brought her and Candy together? Or will Kate be broken-hearted when the festival ends?


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