Summer Love Box Set by J.D. Walker

Summer Love Box Set by J.D. Walker is now available!

The temperature isn’t the only thing HOT in these short stories by multi-published M/M author J.D. Walker! Collected together in this box set are 5 hot and heavy summer tales sure to set your pulse racing! Contains the stories:

Drowning in Neptune’s Pool: Jimmy Fassett really likes his new friend, fiddle player Landry Flannery. They jam together in the evenings — banjo and fiddle — and it’s just perfect. But while Jimmy wants to take things a little deeper, Landry keeps putting obstacles between them. The two men argue, and Jimmy refuses anymore contact, until Landry forces the issue. Could things work out between the two men, after all?

Hot Dogs and Kisses: Darwin “Dare” Mancuso is a workaholic. He has high standards for both his business and his love life, and isn’t about to fall into bed with just anyone. When he meets Abel Messler, Dare is drawn in by his innocence. And when Abel loses his job, Dare does what he can to help Abel feel better. Which is why both men end up on a dance floor that night, and end up with more than they bargained for.

More Than a Suit: Ross: Ross Haven shares the news about his internship with EnerGen International, as well as the fact he’s gay with his family. Unfortunately, Ross is thrown out of the house and has to find a place to live, while somehow protecting his brother Rhys from their alcoholic father. Then, Ross meets Lee Pearce. He doesn’t know the first thing about love, but he’s willing to learn, if he can have Lee.

Sweat: Rico Davin can’t help but watch the trails of moisture on his best friend, Chance Raynor’s chest while he plays volleyball on the beach. Rico’s been in lust with Chance since they met freshman year in college, but knows he doesn’t have a prayer with such a fine specimen. But after Rico gets into an accident, feelings are revealed and both men find out whether getting sweaty makes it all better.

Wading in Neptune’s Pool: Pete Crawford has a new pool client — Corey Brennerman. A workaholic, Corey is anti-social at first, but a joint effort to catch a cell phone thief helps form a tentative friendship. A Fourth of July tryst adds something more, and when his father dies, Corey is forced to look at his life and make some changes — for the better. Together, they build something that could last … forever, maybe.


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