<i>Stroke of Luck</i> by Alex Winters

Stroke of Luck by Alex Winters

<i>Stroke of Luck</i> by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Stroke of Luck by Alex Winters

Mason Jaspers is a virgin, but that’s about to change. At least, he hopes so. Then again, it all depends on his longtime crush and current tutoring student Owen Fairchild.

Owen is everything Mason is not: the confident jock to Mason’s insecure nerd, taut and toned where Mason is long and gawky, tan and ruddy where Mason is pale and smooth, and far from a virgin. Owen is GSU’s resident cock of the walk: openly gay and eagerly slutty, sleeping with any guy he can, as often as he can, before moving onto the next. And the next and the next …

Because this summer will be spent rehabbing an old farmhouse as part of their Residential Real Estate course, and the two opposites must share the same house, for better or worse. And when Mason walks in on Owen pleasuring himself, things escalate in a way neither can deny, let alone prevent …


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