<i>Sticks and Stones</i> by Jamie Craig

Sticks and Stones by Jamie Craig

<i>Sticks and Stones</i> by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Sticks and Stones by Jamie Craig

It’s 1953, and the golden age of Hollywood musicals. Paul Dunham couldn’t be hotter on the dancefloor or the silver screen. Hoping to capitalize on Paul’s popularity, the studio pairs him with up-and-comer Jack Wells.

On the marquee, it’s a match made in heaven, but for Paul, it’s a personal hell. He hates Jack’s newfangled acting style, and he hates Jack’s blue eyes, and he especially hates the fact that Jack is one of the most talented dancers he has ever met.

Jack, however, doesn’t hate Paul. In fact, everything Paul does fascinates him. After their first meeting, Jack is determined to win Paul over, and he won’t back down until Paul admits the two of them are perfect partners … in every way.


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