Split by Mel Bossa

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Quiet and imaginative, Derek O’Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head. His fiancĂ© Nathan wonders why Derek hasn’t taken any interest in their wedding planning, and Aunt Fran — his spiritual guru — would like to know when her guilt-tripping nephew became a kept boy. When she drops Derek’s childhood journal on his lap, he’s forced to remember the name he’s been trying to forget since he was twelve years old. Nicolai Lund.

Nick was Derek’s neighbor … and first love.

Weeks before Derek’s engagement party, a chance meeting with Nick catapults Derek into the past. But Nick isn’t that seventeen-year-old rebel anymore. He’s a man hardened by invisible scars. A man struggling with grief.

As Derek reads through his childhood diary, he realizes what Nick was to him, still is today, and yet might be …

NOTE: This edition has been expanded and substantially edited.


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