<i>Spiritual Connections</i> by Wayne Mansfield

Spiritual Connections by Wayne Mansfield

<i>Spiritual Connections</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Spiritual Connections by Wayne Mansfield

The sound of the bathroom tap running late one night begins a mystery Devon is keen to solve. As small pieces of the puzzle are revealed, such as the man he discovers sitting on his couch in his house watching his television, he begins to wonder whether something paranormal isn’t going on. However, having been in a bad motorcycle accident a few months earlier, Devon cannot be sure these things he’s experiencing aren’t hallucinations caused by brain damage sustained in the tragedy.

On the other hand, he’s more than a little taken by his hot new house guest, Brad, who is the epitome of manliness. Thick, muscular, hairy, and masculine. But his hotness doesn’t quite detract from the mystery of what he’s doing in Devon’s house, and since there’s no way of communicating with a spirit, Devon decides that, as Brad isn’t a malevolent ghost, there’s no reason he should be worried. Or even try to stop himself from falling love.

Then a knock at the front door threatens to spoil everything. Unfortunately for Devon, there’s even worse to come. He has proven his ability to survive a motorbike accident, but has he got what it takes to survive what happens next?


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