<i>Southern Fried</i> by Rob Rosen

Southern Fried by Rob Rosen

<i>Southern Fried</i> by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Southern Fried by Rob Rosen

When orphaned Trip Jackson’s granny dies, leaving most of her extensive estate to him and a puzzling stranger, the mysteries start piling on from there. How did Trip’s parents really die? What’s the deal with the conservative senator who shares the stranger’s last name? What’s with all the blackmail? And does Billy Ray really have the hottest, saltiest boiled nuts this side of the Mason-Dixon? Only Trip and his hot stable boy-boyfriend Zeb know for sure, and how they come by the answers makes for one erotically charged and funny whodunit.

Southern Fried, at its core, is about the love of family, the love of one’s heritage, and the love between friends, both old and new. Though not all is as it appears to be, and sometimes life can get turned upside down when you least expect it. Especially when lip-smacking romance, deep-fried humor, and a heaping side of mystery fall on your plate, all served up Southern style.


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