<i>Something Purple This Way Comes</i> by R.W. Clinger

Something Purple This Way Comes by R.W. Clinger

<i>Something Purple This Way Comes</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Something Purple This Way Comes by R.W. Clinger

Strange things are happening in the countryside near Lake Erie. Creepy and ominous and … purple things.

On May 25, the sky turns a rich purple hue and another weird crop circle appears in Teddy Rockenmoff’s wheat field. Then an alien is heard upstairs in his farmhouse, which freaks him out. Panicked, Teddy calls his husband Nick in Chicago, and begs him to come home from a business trip. Nick says he’ll catch the first flight, but will Teddy be alive when he gets there?

A few miles away, farm boy Calvin Meeder has fallen in love with Ben Gregorian, the star of the hit reality show Single Gay Man. The two men met and dated when Calvin was a contestant on the show. Unfortunately, they aren’t together these days. Ben lives too far away from Calvin. This distance is just a small problem to deal with, though. The bigger problem he has is locked in a dog cage beneath the basement that comes from a distant planet and makes a disturbing sound.

Then there’s Clint Hilly, who can only think of sex, sex, and more sex with his new boyfriend Dean Catherwood. Meeting at the hidden meadow for a good time is all he wants to do, but his world’s about to turn upside down. There’s something massive in the sky, spinning, metal-like, and purple.

Will these three men and their lovers live through the night to share their strange tales of terror? Maybe. Maybe not. Only daylight will bring answers after the purple night of alien terror.


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