<i>Snowblind</i> by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

Snowblind by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

<i>Snowblind</i> by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

OUT NOW! Snowblind by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

Clay Jacobs is a young man that hasn’t had a whole lot of luck in love. Life in general was going pretty good, but his love life … not so much. Clay is driving across the country on his way home for the holidays after going through yet another breakup when he finds himself waking up to a life and surroundings he doesn’t remember. More importantly, he has a lover named Hayden he doesn’t remember. His mother is there to assure him that the three years he’s missing due to intermittent amnesia after a head injury he sustained while skiing are locked in his mind and shall return.

In the meantime, Clay has to face everything from wrapping his damaged mind around missing three years to going on a vacation with a lover he has no recollection of. Will love conquer all? Or will missing memories and injury be his undoing?


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