<i>Skyscraper</i> by Scott Alexander Hess

Skyscraper by Scott Alexander Hess

<i>Skyscraper</i> by Scott Alexander Hess

OUT NOW! Skyscraper by Scott Alexander Hess

A Lambda Literary Finalist in Best Erotica

In modern day Manhattan, Atticus is a down-on-his-luck architect who stumbles into an S&M bar and meets a young man who changes the direction of his life. What begins as a random pick-up evolves into an intense game of sexual domination as Atticus finds himself wildly invigorated both as a man and an architect.

As the relationship deepens, his creativity catches fire and he lands a prime architectural job at his firm designing a bold new high rise tower. Soon his two worlds collide as the thin lines between reality and fantasy and pleasure and pain threaten to explode.

With a new introduction by Lambda Literary winner Jeff Mann, this “wonder of a book” is as carnally explosive as it is compellingly original.


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