<i>Silver Ink</i> by Iyana Jenna

Silver Ink by Iyana Jenna

<i>Silver Ink</i> by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Silver Ink by Iyana Jenna

Callum Inkwell, a son of the founder of Inkwell Enterprises, works at one of his father’s companies has. He lives with his boyfriend Sydney, who is a bartender, and thinks life is perfect. That is until Callum loses Sydney in a freaky accident.

Detective Declan Gallagher gets chills when he goes to talk to Callum about the freaky accident. It isn’t the accident that causes the chills but Callum, who reminds Declan a lot of a certain man called Killian O’Briain who he knows from a different time. About four centuries ago.

Who is Killian and what does he have to do with Callum? And how is silver ink at the root of their problems?


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