<i>Short Spurts 3</i> by Rob Rosen

Short Spurts 3 by Rob Rosen

<i>Short Spurts 3</i> by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Short Spurts 3 by Rob Rosen

Rob Rosen, editor and novelist with more than two hundred published short stories to his credit, brings twenty more erotic short stories from the past two decades, running the gamut from soft and tender to rough and tumble, humorous to emotional, sci-fi to contemporary, and all in his award-winning signature romantic style.

Whether it’s delivery men or frat boys, young men experimenting or older men setting out on new adventures, surfers or bartenders or dairy farmers, a randy yeti, a lion keeper, a leather daddy, a superhero, or a whole room full of vampires, not to mention a slew of other memorable characters who leap off the page, Short Spurts 3 delivers with unique settings, striking plot twists, and unabashed romance.


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