<i>Shooting Stars</i> by Claire Rosalind

Shooting Stars by Claire Rosalind

<i>Shooting Stars</i> by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Shooting Stars by Claire Rosalind

Sequel to Rising Stars

The Obsolete returns to the music scene as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with as they shoot to the top of the charts. New music, old music, the same chaos fans of the band have come to love, and drama the band have come to despise. With Ryan back, Jasper’s determined to cement their status as a power couple in the entertainment industry, among their friends, and against anyone who can’t seem to just stay in the past.

But things have changed. Ryan’s career is at a crossroads. Caught between a dream that separates him from Jasper and the band he feels he owes everything to, until one invasive media debacle sends him reeling and sends the band into a fight for their personal privacy once more.

Jasper puts on the performance of a lifetime to convince everyone he’s fine after his parents try to break him, but a petty podcast, a world tour, and a flirty PA prove to be the perfect distractions from the future Jasper’s starting to question.

When Ryan takes the stage with the bravest solo of his life, will it be enough to reassure Jasper he can really have it all?


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