<i>Shooting for the Moon</i> by Gareth Vaughn

Shooting for the Moon by Gareth Vaughn

<i>Shooting for the Moon</i> by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Shooting for the Moon by Gareth Vaughn

With winter holidays approaching, it’s supposed to be a time for romance and togetherness for Colton and Ben. Except climate change has erased the chance for a white Christmas, their rent is going up, and neither of them have energy after working all day and barely getting to see each other. As their frustrations mount and finances dwindle, it almost seems more likely they’ll be single for the new year rather than doing anything special for each other.

Colton isn’t willing to give up without a fight, though. He might not be able to give Ben his dream of visiting the moon, but he can bring a bit of the moon to Earth. Rekindling some of his own hope and romance, he decides to put his skills as a chef to good use and go all out in preparing Ben a meal — and a night — not to be forgotten. The world might be a grim place, but if he shoots for the moon, maybe he can hit a bit of holiday magic.


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