Shifting Sand by Foster Bridget Cassidy

Shifting Sand by Foster Bridget Cassidy is now available!

Nine years ago, Cassian witnessed the assassination of his father, which left him to lead the desert clan. Growing up, he had relied on help from those around him; now an adult, Cassian wants to prove his own worth.

His first task — securing the love of his bodyguard, Yashiv. Though the two have been inseparable since Cassian’s childhood, he fears Yashiv won’t let down his walls of propriety.

Then Cassian finds a child, the only survivor of the king’s caravan procession. Wen claims to be the bride for Prince Manoel, the ruler of the nearby city, but underlying currents of her story raise Cassian’s suspicions.

Cassian and Yashiv must find where Wen belongs, before rival clans, the city’s guards, or Cassian’s own people decide the child’s fate. Can Cassian and Yashiv find out where Wen belongs before her fate is decided by rival clans or Cassian’s own people? And can Cassian show Yashiv he’s now a man, as well as Master of his clan?


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