<i>Shift</i> by Nickie Jamison

Shift by Nickie Jamison

<i>Shift</i> by Nickie Jamison

Shift by Nickie Jamison is now available!


Raleigh lives a quiet life, working his steady job as a mechanic at Baker’s Towing & Repair in a small back-woods Southern town, never imagining that there could be more. Then he meets his boss’s nephew, Harry Dawson — the straight-talking, no bullshit, sexy surfer-boy who’s come to work a summer job before returning to college in the fall.

Dawson encourages Raleigh to pursue his lifelong passion for designing cars, but Raleigh has his reservations. Will love be enough to push Raleigh out of his comfort zone and give him the courage to turn his dreams into a reality?

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“Come on, it’ll be a nice shift in routine,” Dawson said, laying his palm on Raleigh’s bent knee. Dawson’s thumb stroked back and forth over the top of Raleigh’s knee-cap, comforting, coaxing, and sensual.

Heat flushed Raleigh’s face. He decided, it didn’t matter where because the need to know how Dawson felt, to hear him say one way or another, was an ache in Raleigh’s soul. “Sure,” Raleigh said.

“Cool, let’s go.” Dawson offered his hand to help Raleigh to his feet.

The company tow truck needed new shocks and Raleigh felt every bump and dip in the highway as they drove. Dawson talked about the same thing he’d been talking about all morning, adding power to a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, fully restored, that he’d bought yesterday at an estate sale.

“It’s big apple red, only needs a little cleaning and maintenance. I can’t believe I got it so cheap, but I was the only bidder. Rest of the people there were older women. They all went crazy over the antique furniture.” Dawson pulled into a McDonald’s drive-thru.

“I thought we were going somewhere in the city.” Raleigh looked at Dawson, confused.

“We are, but not for lunch,” Dawson said. He opened the tow truck’s ashtray on a quest for spare change to pay for their order.

Raleigh stared down at the medium sized soda Dawson handed him a moment later, watching the bubbles pop when they hit against the plastic lid. He gripped the drink as the tow truck slipped out of gear and lurched forward before catching, reminding Raleigh he needed to tell Reggie that the transmission was on the verge of going out.

“Not curious where we’re headed?” Dawson asked as he navigated, carefully avoiding curbs, which were ripe for hopping while driving a monstrous behemoth of a vehicle.

Raleigh took a deep breath. “Don’t care as long as I’m with you. I want to tell you something, Dawson.”

Dawson looked at Raleigh out of the side of his eye. “Can it wait? We’re here.” He put the truck in park and it jolted before stopping.

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