<i>Serendipity</i> by Pelaam

Serendipity by Pelaam

<i>Serendipity</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Serendipity by Pelaam

PrideHomer Iseoy is horrified to find that the new member of the crew of the Njord is a Vedrinan, their culture of sexual freedom in stark contrast to his own, very rigid beliefs.

Iseoy’s tenure aboard the ship is a minor act of rebellion against his father’s strictly enforced expectations. To Iseoy’s surprise, Rainbird is an excellent warrior and they make an effective pairing.

Slowly, Iseoy starts to see Rainbird as something more than just another crew member. But after being trapped, thinking they were going to die, Iseoy does something he’s convinced Rainbird can never forgive him for.

Can they be brought together for the truth finally set them both free?


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