<i>Serendipities Box Set</i> by K.L. Noone

Serendipities Box Set by K.L. Noone

<i>Serendipities Box Set</i> by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Serendipities Box Set by K.L. Noone

All eleven Character Bleed bonus stories collected together into one box set!

After filming an award-winning movie, after saying “I love you,” after moving in together … what comes next?

In this collection, Jason and Colby learn how to build their life together — with wedding plans, home renovations, bread-baking, new film projects and new friends, and a lot of love. It isn’t always easy, with ghosts from Colby’s past and a family emergency on Jason’s side. But Colby and Jason can handle anything, together, and they’ll always find their happy ending.

Contains the stories: Cinnamon and Strawberries, Renovations, The Comfort of Cinnamon Pancakes, The Naming of Weather, Fantastic, Sugarplums and Sailing Ships, Celebrations, Spectacular, In Character, Coffee and Tea, and Coffee and Tea: Epilogue.

NOTE: All of the stories are available as individual ebooks with the exception of “The Comfort of Cinnamon Pancakes,” which can be found in the author’s collection, Flashes.


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