<i>#SecondAct</i> by Sam Couste

#SecondAct by Sam Couste

<i>#SecondAct</i> by Sam Couste

OUT NOW! #SecondAct by Sam Couste

Fresh out of a relationship, Jesse Velasco needs some downtime. He finds himself in an isolated beach town helping out with some family business. While he’s embraced his inner hermit, Jesse is not completely isolated; he’s got a new Twitter friend, a hot neighbor, and a celebrity crush to keep him entertained.

But it turns out all three of them are the same person; Jack Anders, primetime heartthrob who has his own reasons for dodging the spotlight in Jesse’s sleepy town by the sea. After Jesse first runs into Jack (literally) the two men discover that they have a lot in common, and Jack seems keen on taking their relationship further.

Jesse can’t say no to a fling with Jack. There’s no harm in having a little fun, and he can’t imagine that Jack is looking for anything serious … right?


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