<i>Saving Cory</i> by Edward Kendrick

Saving Cory by Edward Kendrick

<i>Saving Cory</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Saving Cory by Edward Kendrick

Cory, homeless after running from his abusive father, has survived the only way he knows how, on his knees in alleys, while trying to avoid the punks who prey on guys like him. After one attack too many, he decides to escape the city and heads to the mountains where he finds an abandoned cabin. There is only one problem; the cabin belongs to someone as he finds out when Mason appears.

Mason has taken over running the only bar in a nearby town when his father is felled by a stroke. After meeting Cory, he decides he wants to help him, first by bringing him food, then by hiring him to do chores at the bar. Ollie, an elderly local who is Mason’s friend and a regular at the bar, offers to let Cory stay in the spare bedroom at his house.

Cory accepts both offers in disbelief, for the first time feeling there is hope that his life will get better. While he is accepted by the regulars at the bar, he soon has problems with the town bully who spreads rumors that he’s a punk thief who will steal what he can from Ollie, Mason, and the shopkeepers.

Meanwhile, Mason and Cory are also dealing with their growing interest in each other, with Cory wondering if Mason can accept him, given what he did to survive on the streets. He prays he will, but only time will tell.


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