Saving Akira by M.M. Shapiro

Saving Akira by M.M. Shapiro is now available!


Akira Watanabe’s greatest issue isn’t being a lesbian, but rather having a father with the maturity of a teenager. He’s a heavy drinker and hardly works, so she supports them both with a job at a local convenience mart. It’s there she befriends police sergeant Rosey Garatino, who frequents the store and lives in the same complex as the Watanabes.

Akira has the hots for a Goth girl named Jade, but unfortunately, Jade likes guys, and she also drinks and smokes. One night when Jade comes into the store, drunk, and tries to steal some beer, Akira stops her. Jade gets sick, and Akira helps her outside. Sparks fly between them, but nothing happens.

Later Akira hears rumors that Jade is a lesbian. The heat that smoldered between them now sparks into a fire, especially when Jade promises to quit drinking and smoking. Akira’s surprised to learn Jade is Rosey’s daughter.

Growing up can be difficult in the best of situations, but the neighborhood where Akira and Jade live is dangerous, too. As their friendship deepens into love, will they be able to protect each other and find their happy ending?


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