<i>S.C.U.D.</i> by Courtney Milnestein

S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

<i>S.C.U.D.</i> by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! S.C.U.D. by Courtney Milnestein

To tell the tale of human history, we must also relate the history of our enemy, the archfiend, that apex predator, the vampire known as Count Dracula!

For centuries now, the Society for Cutting Up Dracula has been the last bastion of hope against the king of vampires, observing his lives, his loves, standing guard against his devilish ambitions, protecting humanity from his ambitions. Yet as Dracula, cunning and manipulative, takes up a scheme to repay his debts to the family of a man now lost to him, will his gifts prove overpowering for those that have drawn his interest?

Discover now the secret origin of the Prince of Darkness, his passions and persuasions, and the truth about vampires; discover now a history of the world unseen played out through the ages … discover the truth of the Society for Cutting Up Dracula!


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