<i>Rising Stars</i> by Claire Rosalind

Rising Stars by Claire Rosalind

<i>Rising Stars</i> by Claire Rosalind

OUT NOW! Rising Stars by Claire Rosalind

Sequel to Do You Ship Us?

Jasper Reid is out, and the world knows he and Ryan are together. Surely the rumors will end, and everyone can mind their own business so the couple can have a normal relationship now, right?

Apparently not.

In the fallout of The Obsolete’s biggest performance yet, the band scrambles with their newfound freedom and control to redefine themselves both personally and musically under a new and promising manager. But with their rising fame comes frustrating and tiring challenges.

When Jasper invites Ryan to live with him, he expects their relationship will have the space and privacy it needs to grow. But with media leaks hell-bent on misrepresenting every situation, and the struggle to keep their private lives private, along with the interference of Jasper’s family and Ryan’s ex-boyfriend, it seems they are never going to get a minute of peace.

After a career opportunity takes the group by surprise and tears the newly-public couple apart, Jasper and Ryan must learn to trust one another and work through their own pasts, fears, and doubts.

Can the relationship survive the endless drama surrounding them and reach the happy ending they deserve? Or will the problems they are both learning to leave behind ruin everything they are working towards?


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