<i>Rise Again</i> by L.J. Hamlin

Rise Again by L.J. Hamlin

<i>Rise Again</i> by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Rise Again by L.J. Hamlin

Arkady has dedicated his life to the world of ballet. He is known as the bad boy of the dance world, and is an ever rising star.

Then he gets injured in what is at first thought to be a tragic accident but turns out to be so much worse. He’s lost ballet, and his life feels unbalanced.

A friendship with his no-nonsense physical therapist starts him on a new path. He has her friendship, a more honest relationship with his parents, his beloved dog Lou and, for the first time, maybe love in the form of an artist with a disability of his own.

But the past isn’t done with him yet.


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