<i>Return to Blackmont Ridge</i> by Edward Kendrick

Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

<i>Return to Blackmont Ridge</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

His name is Cailean and he’s a wolf shifter. However, he believes he is Tom Clayton, a popular author of mystery and paranormal books.

One night he meets Gib, a seemingly homeless man, and offers him shelter in the lobby of his condo building. Gib takes advantage of that to visit Tom and tell him its time for him to come home, his real home. Baffled, because his condo is his home, Tom angrily tells Gib to leave, which he does, suggesting he consider two things — Cailean and Blackmont.

Then, Tom has a dream about a shifter called Cailean who is banished from his pack for being a deviant. Gib is also in the dream, only his name is Gerulf.

Gerulf, still posing as Gib, returns to talk with Tom and is able to convince him the dream is in fact a memory of his earlier life resurfacing, that his true name is indeed Cailean, and that they had been lovers before his banishment, twelve years previously. It will take more than that, however, to awaken all of Cailean’s memories. First, he must return to the pack’s village at Blackmont Ridge to meet his father, the Alpha of the pack.

What ensues might change Cailean and Gerulf’s lives forever — if they survive.

NOTE: Story contains talk of rape and incest.


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