<i>Retro Active</i> by Alex Winters

Retro Active by Alex Winters

<i>Retro Active</i> by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Retro Active by Alex Winters

Sometimes to play nice, you have to get a little naughty …

Taylor Hastings couldn’t be prouder as she sets about stocking Retro Active, her vintage memorabilia shop in downtown Chance, Ohio. The only thing missing? The pop culture-inspired mural she’s hired a local artist to complete before the store’s grand opening at the end of the month. But when Daisy, the artist in question, arrives, Taylor can’t help but fall for the sexy goth temptress, alluring from her sleeve tattoos to her comely ripe figure to her fishnet stockings.

Daisy Fitzgerald has never met anyone like Taylor. Ten years older but sexier than any of her more age appropriate lovers, Daisy struggles to keep things professional as she sets about creating a magical mural for her tempting new boss. Will the two be able to keep things professional until the mural is finally finished? Or will their temptation prove too strong, turning their fanciful “meet cute” into a masterpiece of love instead?


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