<i>Resurfaced</i> by Katharine O’Neill

Resurfaced by Katharine O’Neill

<i>Resurfaced</i> by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Resurfaced by Katharine O’Neill

Deepan vowed never to come back to Seattle after surviving the hell that was high school. Being a gay Muslim doesn’t go down well with anyone. But the temptation of a better paid job in his hometown was too great, and now Deepan finds he’s either brought a stalker with him or the stalker is already here. And things are escalating. When his only salvation lies in his former crush, Deepan finds his lust hasn’t gone away. In fact, with time, it’s only grown more intense.

Karl had a high-flying career as a baseball star until injury forced him out. Now he’s a cop, and going back to school isn’t what he has in mind when he’s called to a scene where a former classmate has been murdered in the middle of their high school reunion.

It isn’t until he learns Deepan might be at the center of the case that Karl discovers what he really wants out of life. And whom.


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