<i>Regaining His Trust</i> by Edward Kendrick

Regaining His Trust by Edward Kendrick

<i>Regaining His Trust</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Regaining His Trust by Edward Kendrick

When Jake Evans almost dies due to Dan Rogers’ showboating during an undercover operation, he loses any trust he had in the man who had been his partner both on jobs for the Firm and in their personal life. Once he’s healed, he quits the Firm and opens a private investigation agency.

The two men are thrown together when Fairfax, Dan’s superior at the Firm, brings Jake in to help stop a child trafficking ring. The mission might be successfully completed but the tension between the two men still remains.

Dan needs to convince Jake there was a reason behind what he did, beyond stopping the gang they were after. The problem is, he has to make Jake listen to him and believe what he says, because even after a year apart he still loves Jake. With that in mind, he follows when Jake goes out of town in search of a missing young man.

Will Dan succeed, or is Jake’s trust in him irrevocably broken?


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