<i>Refuge</i> by Mel Bossa

Refuge by Mel Bossa

<i>Refuge</i> by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Refuge by Mel Bossa

Being the country’s Attorney General’s only son comes with a lot of scrutiny, but Henley has managed to avoid attention by keeping a low profile. His life is safe, organized, and lonely. Until inland terrorists turn his world upside down and he discovers he’s much tougher than he thought he was.

When the terrifying ordeal is over, Henley is left with hand tremors and a need to make some changes in his life. He seeks out the one man he hopes can give him some answers.

After more than a decade on the police force, all Mason has to show for the risks he took is a bunch of scars, a bad knee, a cabin in the woods, and two giant black dogs he loves more than humans. Then the Attorney General’s posh son shows up to thank him, and suddenly Mason’s battered heart starts hoping again.

Can Henley’s love turn Mason’s luck around and chase the shadows away?


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