Accidentally His by Shawn Lane

Accidentally His by Shawn Lane is now available!


Kirk Matheson rides the bus to work several times a week, intrigued by the attractive and quiet bespectacled man he typically sits behind. One day when the bus crashes during a storm, Kirk finally meets the shy stranger, Elijah Cartwright. Kirk stays with a seriously injured Elijah until the rescuers arrive.

After Elijah’s recovery, Kirk makes a date with Elijah. Though an unfortunate event brought them together, can they find their way to happiness?

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The Hippie Whisperer by J.D. Walker

The Hippie Whisperer by J.D. Walker is now available!


Carl Neilson’s life is centered around his college-aged son, Chester, who is home for the summer. At forty-seven years old, Carl is content with his thinning shoulder length hair, bushy sideburns and Hawaiian shirts, much to Chester’s dismay. Chester sets up a blind date for his dad with artist Benjamin ‘Ben’ Brooker.

Their first meeting is a disaster. Carl is horrified by the flamboyant and very opinionated Ben — a man whose hair reminds him of a patriotic skunk with its red, white, and blue stripes — and who manages to call into question all the things about himself that Carl holds dear.

It takes Carl a while to admit that there are changes he needs to make, especially to stop using his son as a crutch. With the help of plain-speaking Ben, Carl gets a haircut — thank God — and takes a few fumbling steps toward something new.

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The Hearts of Yesteryear by Vivien Dean

The Hearts of Yesteryear by Vivien Dean is now available!


Throughout his career, actor John Paravati has stuck with what he told the gossip rags — he’s been in like, in lust, even in respect once or twice, but never love. All he’s ever cared about is performing. If he’s stuck now doing commercials for cruise lines, at least it’s better than shilling adult diapers.

But Hollywood pretends, and John is a master. Because once upon a time, he loved two things more than anything — his best friend Frank and the movie palace he used as sanctuary.

Over fifty years ago, John ran away from his hometown. Now, someone has restored the theater he left behind, and they want John at its relaunch. The memories still sting, but he agrees to attend, even though it means dealing with heartache. At seventy-seven, he’s too old to hold onto the hurt. The question is, however, is he too old to start over once it’s gone?

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Stallions and Studs Box Set by Terry O’Reilly

Stallions and Studs Box Set by Terry O’Reilly is now available!


Two hours outside of Boise, Idaho, is a sign that reads, “Welcome to Stallions and Studs.”

In the four stories corralled together in this collection, read about the cowboys who work the ranch and the men who come there to live out their cowboy fantasies. Riding, herding cattle, rodeoing along with moonlit trail rides, snuggling by a camp fire, and rolling around in the hay are just some of the activities available to the guests seeking to lasso themselves some cowboy fun. And for a few, if they’re lucky, a whole lot more.

Contains the stories:

Shoulda Been a Cowboy: Charlie Bradley, enthralled with cowboys, chooses a dude ranch for his summer vacation. There he meets Wade Connors who, in addition to being his riding instructor, romances Charlie as his playmate of the week. What happens when Charlie’s week ends and he has to return home?

Back in the Saddle Again: Mack MacIntyre has left his life as a cowboy behind. For 35 years he’s been a devoted husband, father, and businessman far from his roots in the west. One day that old life, in the form of Seth Buchanan, comes knocking on his door. Seth has a dream. Does Mack have the courage to share in it?

Rodeo Cowboy: Lex Cunningham and Trent Boxwood ride rodeo together. Lex hopes Trent’s friendship can be turned to something more, but when he acts on signs that Trent is interested, Trent rebuffs him. Why? Will Trent overcome what stands between them?

Reining In Rio: The single life is just fine for Rio Cody. His motto is monogamy is monotony. However, at a local horse show he meets someone who may turn that notion inside out. But Mark Wembly is not at all Rio’s type and is a pain in the butt to boot. Will Rio continue to ride alone, or will Mark rein him in?

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Put Five Rings on It by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Put Five Rings on It by David Connor and E.F. Mulder is now available!


Numbers mean everything to an Olympic marathoner, but for Gordon O’Dooley, his obsession with one number in particular might get a little out of hand.

Gordon literally comes running into Marty Walsh’s family diner one day, and their mutual attraction is instant. He comes on too strong, though, and Marty quickly slams on the brakes. When Marty suggests they take things slow, Gordon races off, and any hope of a relationship goes right along with him.

Four years pass, and Marty does his best to move on. But fate brings them back together as Gordon is preparing for another Olympic bid. They agree to start over, slowly this time.

As they get to know each other, Marty comes to realize how strong Gordon’s obsession with the number five is. Will Marty be able to handle Gordon’s OCD? And what will Gordon do when he realizes the reason behind Marty’s reluctance at intimacy?

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