Conquering Death by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! Conquering Death by Jay Mendell

Thanatos is the personification of Death itself, and has walked the Earth longer than almost any other immortal on the planet. He has met many gods, and become familiar with a number of them, including the war god Ares and the love goddess Aphrodite. They’ve been willing to bring him into their relationship in the past, but Thanatos is unsure of how far that favor extends. He is their friend, and occasional lover, but could they really care for someone with his reputation?

Still, Thanatos has a job to do, and he knows the weight of his duty. Though he believes himself to be quite familiar with mortals, there are still some parts of them he doesn’t understand. He does know one thing for certain — no mortal wants to die. And some are willing to do nearly anything to avoid it.

When he is sent to apprehend King Sisyphus by Zeus, the mortal seems quite agreeable. At first. But now Thanatos has been captured, no one is dying, and some are claiming the world is better for it. Thanatos knows he can’t allow this to continue, but he can’t get free on his own. Will anyone be willing to rescue Death, the one thing they all fear?


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Bobby Ray Breaks the Universe by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Bobby Ray Breaks the Universe by Rob Rosen

What happens when a hunky demon visits you and commands you to break all ten commandments? Or when a handsome angel orders you to do the opposite? And what if you’re Bobby Ray, and you’ve already broken nine of the ten, and thou shalt not kill is a close brick away, and the demon has tacked on a cushy afterlife in hell as a reward? Decisions, decisions. And poor Bobby Ray has never been good at one decision, let alone multiple ones. Broke, divorced, and pretty darn miserable, does he do what’s right or what’s easy?

In this darkly comical romantic adventure, Bobby Ray, with the help of numerous friends and just as many enemies, one being his ex-husband, travels from Georgia to Israel and ultimately across Egypt and the Gaza Strip in search of the one clue that will hopefully save them all, and possibly the entire world. Will good win out over evil, love over hate? Or will Bobby Ray ultimately break the universe?


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Perfect Obsession by Lucien Grey

OUT NOW! Perfect Obsession by Lucien Grey

Lord Robert Beswick bought his commission and went to sea to escape the responsibilities of a noble title he never wanted. But now he has something, someone, he wants to stay home for, to protect, and he fears his lack of wealth and long absences at sea will drive his lover away.

Will Rohen, son of a cloth merchant, is driven by his obsession for perfection which manifests in his love for fashion. Seen as nothing more than a vain fop by society, he is a source of ridicule and envy, even catching the eye of the prince regent. But what plagues him most is the nightmare that the war will one day claim Robert’s life.

Will’s obsession makes Robert fear he cannot provide his lover with the life he deserves. Will fears more than anything that Robert will sail away one day and not return to him. Can their romance survive?


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In Light’s Shadow by Warren Rochelle

OUT NOW! In Light’s Shadow by Warren Rochelle

Gavin Booker, a school librarian, leads an orderly, normal life. Work, jogging, friends from work, his son every other weekend. Gavin is also a secret. He is a hybrid, or part-fairy. And in the Columbian Empire, hybrids are under an automatic death sentence.

In this alternate version of the USA, magic is illegal. So is loving another man. Fairies are locked away in ghettoes, and magical beasts, such as gryphons, unicorns, and pegasi, are kept in zoos. The others, tree and water spirits, talking beasts, fauns, and the rest, are in hiding.

This is the world in which Gavin grew up. He survived, thanks to his mother. He can never forget he is different: ministers preach against people like him constantly. Hating the other is a part of every school’s curriculum.

But things are changing fast, and seemingly for the worst. Earthquakes, volcanoes, killer storms are frequent occurrences. The medicine Gavin takes to suppress his body’s glow isn’t working. The spells cast by his doctor, a witch, are losing their power. If anyone finds out what Gavin is, he is dead.

The Empire always goes after its marginalized people. Can Gavin survive the coming catastrophe? Will he ever recover from losing the boys he loved earlier in life? Can he find the fairy man who has haunted his dreams before it is too late?


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Hearts to Heal by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Hearts to Heal by Deirdre O’Dare

Raised by her father after her mother’s death due to a drunk driver, Bonnie Verdugo has grown to be very focused and driven. Her ultimate goal is to become a doctor. Meanwhile she works as an EMT while she takes courses to become a nurse practitioner, each effort a step toward her dream. She has no time for romance or a social life. Then a hiking accident puts her in the care of Jerry Bertini, a fine orthopedic surgeon, but also a man with a reputation.

Jerry Bertini has always been a rebel, going against the family tradition to become a physician instead of a lawyer. He enjoys being the black sheep. Despite his reputation as a playboy, he has a serious side. His career is almost his life, and he’s also trying to raise his motherless daughter. Jennifer is now a teenager and suddenly a handful of trouble. So is Bonnie, the saucy little Latina EMT who ends up under his care when she breaks her leg. He doesn’t suspect how quickly she will get under his skin until it is too late. Now what will he do?


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