<i>Placet</i> by Tim Mead

Placet by Tim Mead

<i>Placet</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Placet by Tim Mead

Brian Morehouse Hunter is a newly promoted professor of English with a particular fondness for the novels of Dorothy L. Sayers. In his spare time, Brian writes erotic gay romance novels. Knowing his university colleagues wouldn’t understand, and would likely be shocked, Brian keeps his two lives strictly separate. That is, until he accidentally emails a draft chapter of his latest story to Ken Tremont, a fellow professor, rather than one of his beta readers. Brian likes Ken, finds the man attractive, but is pretty sure he’s straight.

For the next few days, Brian awaits his fate, fearing exposure, ridicule, and possible expulsion. But Ken seems to be biding his time. Unable to stand it any longer, Brian decides to approach Ken.

Will Brian’s worst fears be realized? Or could this accidental outing reap unexpected rewards?


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