<i>Phoning It In</i> by A.J. Shay

Phoning It In by A.J. Shay

<i>Phoning It In</i> by A.J. Shay

OUT NOW! Phoning It In by A.J. Shay

To the public, Harper Miller is nothing more than a mild mannered, socially awkward English professor with a slight stutter and some control issues. She knows her public persona isn’t glamorous, but she doesn’t care if people see her as milquetoast. She prefers it that way because it means no one would ever suspect her secret.

Harper never intended to run a phone sex line long term. It was meant to help her pay off her student loans before landing a job with a decent paycheck. Of course, Harper never intended to fall for a client either. After talking to a caller that goes by Em for six months, Harper can admit she’s thoroughly smitten, even though her mystery woman may not be who she seems.

What happens when Em’s true identity is discovered? Will Harper be able to look past old grievances for a shot at true love?


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