<i>Persimmon Kiss</i> by Mel Bossa

Persimmon Kiss by Mel Bossa

<i>Persimmon Kiss</i> by Mel Bossa

OUT NOW! Persimmon Kiss by Mel Bossa

A year has passed since Derek’s motorcycle accident, but he still battles with brain injury symptoms. Forced to take a sick leave from work, Derek picks up painting to occupy his time. Through his art, he begins to rediscover his imagination and turns to his journal again.

Meanwhile, a new business venture is on the horizon for Nick and he can’t postpone his trip to Norway any longer. Concerned for Derek’s safety, Nick convinces Derek he needs someone to watch over him while he’s away.

Myles has just returned from Japan, where he spent time mending his heart after another disappointment. He’s longing for a break, so when Nick and Derek reach out to him, he can’t refuse.

Each man wants what’s best for Derek, but Nick and Myles discover they’re not rivals, because what’s between them is echoed in Derek’s heart.

Can all three men let go of their fear and allow this new love to unfold?


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