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<i>The Cabin</i> by Edward Kendrick
OUT NOW! The Cabin by Edward Kendrick After the murder of his fiancé Paul during an armed robbery, Jamie tries
<i>Midwinter Firelight</i> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! Midwinter Firelight by K.L. Noone Kit Thompson, empath and Bow Street Preternatural Division constable, is looking forward to
<i>Made with Love</i> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Made with Love by Pelaam Can a dessert heal a rift between lovers?Foodie and wine merchant Jake thinks
<i>Hungry Heart</i> by Loreley Thunder
OUT NOW! Hungry Heart by Loreley Thunder Christian led a normal, happy life as a teenager -- he was a
<i>Bite Club</i> by Eule Grey
OUT NOW! Bite Club by Eule Grey Lenni lives on the civilised side of the wall, a hard worker who
<i>The Devil Will Care</i> by Holly Day
OUT NOW! The Devil Will Care by Holly Day What would you do if the devil claimed you were his
<i>Tales from the Sea Vixen</i> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Tales from the Sea Vixen by Pelaam The Sea Vixen carries a team that helps to protect the
Questing by Charles Payseur
OUT NOW! Questing by Charles Payseur Lancelot has been playing the Game for a long time. When you’re an immortal
<strong>Home Fries</strong> by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! Home Fries by Eve Morton Rebecca "Spud" Fry is a survivor. After recovering from a car crash where
<i>Bobby and the Beast</i> by Drew Hunt
OUT NOW! Bobby and the Beast by Drew Hunt Bobby Simpson’s physiotherapy conference is cancelled at the last minute, so