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<i>Sugarplums and Sailing Ships</i> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! Sugarplums and Sailing Ships by K.L. Noone Character Bleed/Gingerbread Dreams crossoverIt’s Holiday Baking Showdown time! This year, Nate
<i>A Midwinter Night’s Magic</i> by Ellie Thomas
OUT NOW! A Midwinter Night's Magic by Ellie Thomas In late 18th century England, when Matthew Lewis accidentally accepts an
<i>Making Spirits Bright</i> by Shawn Lane
OUT NOW! Making Spirits Bright by Shawn Lane Noel Bright has been seeing Wes Rivers since February and, as the
<strong>Holiday Garage</strong> by Jaymie Wagner
OUT NOW! Holiday Garage by Jaymie Wagner Five years after the death of her husband, ballet teacher Emile Meunier just
<i>A Holiday Tradition</i> by Chrissy Munder
OUT NOW! A Holiday Tradition by Chrissy Munder What are the things in life you’re going to regret?Paul Carpenter is
<i>Yule Be Naughty</i> by Kris T. Bethke
OUT NOW! Yule Be Naughty by Kris T. Bethke Sequel to Accepting SubmissionAsher and Trey have enjoyed two years of
<i>A Christmas Exchange</i> by A.J. Morrow
OUT NOW! A Christmas Exchange by A.J. Morrow Rachel works most days at a café in the middle of a
<i>Two’s Company, Three’s Naughtier</i> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Two's Company, Three's Naughtier by Pelaam Brent and Kiran are a happily married couple, but both enjoy having
<i>The Case of the American Daddy</i> by T.J. Brimstone
OUT NOW! The Case of the American Daddy by T.J. Brimstone Tobias has created the perfect bubble for himself: between
<i>How to Cheat at Dirty Santa</i> by Amy Spector
OUT NOW! How to Cheat at Dirty Santa by Amy Spector Some things are worth risking the naughty list.Jonah Newfeld