<i>Outcast’s Song</i> by Jaymie Wagner

Outcast’s Song by Jaymie Wagner

<i>Outcast’s Song</i> by Jaymie Wagner

OUT NOW! Outcast’s Song by Jaymie Wagner

Sequel to Orphan’s Cry

More than fifty years before Leah Corbyn became a werewolf, Amélie Orne was cast out of werewolf society, manipulated into taking the blame for crimes she did not commit.

After living for so long on the run as a Feral wolf, she found unexpected comfort and companionship from Leah and her lover Amy Oakley. As they grow closer, can she dare to hope for a real future together with them after a lifetime of betrayal and misery?

Amélie has allies to stand with her now, but it will mean uncovering secrets long buried, and reopening dangerous old wounds …


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