<i>Out with the Old</i> by G.B. Lindsey

Out with the Old by G.B. Lindsey

<i>Out with the Old</i> by G.B. Lindsey

OUT NOW! Out with the Old by G.B. Lindsey

All Trey Braddock wants is to celebrate his best friend’s wedding. His Christmas list does not include wait staff dressed as reindeer, nor a tipsy bride with tinsel on her train. Certainly he never asked for Sandy Hackford, the high school jock who, eight years ago, walked off with Trey’s heart.

But it is, after all, the holidays: a time for friends, family, and giving thanks. Sure, there will be horrible toasts, an awkward dance or two, his first crush in a three-piece suit … Trey has it handled. He’s made a career out of ignoring Sandy. It’ll be a piece of precariously balanced wedding cake.

Except Sandy is no longer ignoring him. No matter the holiday, though, this is no time for forgiveness, and Trey isn’t ready to pardon the thief of his first kiss … even if it means there will be another.


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