<i>Out of the Night</i> by Tim Mead

Out of the Night by Tim Mead

<i>Out of the Night</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Out of the Night by Tim Mead

After an affair with a male student was exposed, fifty-something English professor Doug Curtis left his teaching job and moved to a small conservative town in central Florida. Keeping the closet door firmly closed, Doug rebuilds his life, makes friends, becomes active in his church, and volunteers for various local organizations. He’s settled, safe … and alone.

There’s some excitement around town when middle-aged hot shot administrator Stan Mason accepts the position of city manager. Outwardly confident and capable, Stan hides a painful past of betrayal and heartache. When Stan sees Doug, he’s instantly intrigued, captivated, and aroused. He wants to find out more about the somewhat staid but sexy older man.

Doug is also excited at Stan’s arrival in town, and soon discovers they have many shared interests, including in each other. But this is a conservative area of Florida in the late 1990s, so they have to be discrete. Seeking escape from small town attitudes, they go south on vacation. Can what happens in Key West stay in Key West?


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