<i>Onward</i> by Mags Hayward

Onward by Mags Hayward

<i>Onward</i> by Mags Hayward

OUT NOW! Onward by Mags Hayward

Jen’s had a tough year. Her mother’s sudden passing has created a void in her life and she’s uncertain how to carry on. Thankfully, Alyssa’s there to ease her pain. Originally an online chatroom acquaintance, Alyssa’s becomes the most important person in Jen’s life. She’s fallen for her — but they live on opposite sides of the world making a real relationship impossible. Or is it?

Jen knows she must make changes in her life and an invitation to visit Alyssa could be the break she needs. Could her online love affair finally become a reality? Could she hold Alyssa in her arms and stay with her forever?


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