<i>Once Upon a Jade</i> by T.J. Blackley

Once Upon a Jade by T.J. Blackley

<i>Once Upon a Jade</i> by T.J. Blackley

OUT NOW! Once Upon a Jade by T.J. Blackley

All incubi have a price, a curse-specified number of couplings they require before their curse can break and they turn back into a human.

When Friedrich, the most popular jade in Idyll’s thriving brothel, gets hired by the mayor to clear an incubus out of the old haunted house on the edge of town, he doesn’t think much about what will come after the poor soul’s curse is broken. So he’s more than a little taken aback when the newly-restored Nathan first rebuffs him, and then backtracks on his initial hostility and seeks out his services again — just for tea and conversation, of course.

Juggling a busy professional life, appeasing the friends he left behind to take the mayor’s commission, and teasing his best friend about his own budding romance, Friedrich doesn’t notice himself falling for the new man in town until it’s too late to go back. But does Nathan want more from Friedrich than he pays for?


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